Abundance is within you

I stood in the shadow and because I took the  time  to find my value back, I allowed myself to let my light shine. Especially my creative light. I did the 21 days of abundance challenge plus one of my own challenges and it  brought me  so much enlightenment. I also learned from a very lovely lady the importance of letting yourself be guided by your own intuitive flow. Which goes effortlessly and that’s how you know you are on your right path of creating. Creation is to me one of the most powerful tools of abundance. Because  the creative movement is what gets you a new perspective on life, work, love, self value etc. ...and keeps you motivated! It helps you to get out of the darkness into the light and taking steps forward towards abundance.

As I looked at this picture when I was just a little girl, I saw my value in her eyes that I forgot about. She is beautiful, playful, sensitive, funny, a joker, she beliefs, smart, creative and is very nurturing and loving.  Plus is not afraid to express herself true words, pictures, illustrations, styling, designing and dance. It is worth it to take time to withdraw yourself for a while, so you can find what abundance means to you. This challenge brought me  appreciation and the courage of taking the leap of faith with a childlike discovering state of mind and the logic action steps of a grown woman mindset. Abundance is a source is within you!

If you wonder what is your abundance... try the 21 days of abundance challenge from @deepackchopra. It is worth to try it!                                                                                      O Inspiration of how  to be in your own flow by... @noellastraakenbroek