Affirmation inspired by... Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has inspired me so much with her own personal story and her pursuit of being obedient to her dream.  Just like she says; I am just a little girl form Mississippi who’s future was set up to be a cleaning lady. But she thought NO!  Now... there is nothing wrong with being a cleaning lady. I was one too and the importance of that job is not seen by many people. Hygiene is number one for living a healthy life! But when you have a dream for yourself you do not settle for what orders have plant out for you. You will get a lot of criticism especially when you want something in the creative sector. It is an very insecure path and it does not always pay the bills.  Sometimes your dreams might not be so clear or you will not see a change when you are following your dream. That can give anxiety. 

The thing is when you feel obligated to your dream and it feels so strong in your intuition, you have to find a creative solution to follow your dream and also think about how you are going to pay the bills while creating your dream. It is not a easy road but when you get the gift of having a dream... GO FOR IT! Your obedience is your steady guideline. It is your focus point and creativity can be  a very powerful tool that keeps you moving forward. 

To do: Keep repeating the affirmation and practice your creative solution to realize your dream