It is okay to say... no I don't feel okay

Today a lovely lady inspired me, she posted something about that people automatic answer the question that they are fine when they get asked; how are you doing? We people automatically

 say that we are okay, because we are ashamed to say… no I am not okay. Or if you say that you are not okay… that you are afraid to be judged. I believe that when you speak your truth people who are like-minded understand that it is just how you feel that day and that does not make you an emotional instable person. It makes you an honest person that is true to yourself and is brave enough to say it like it is. It makes you a conscious person that is alert and aligned with the your own truth, clarity and inner wisdom.  Healing or restoring your life starts with a honest conversation with yourself and not being afraid to express that. #meditate #innerwisdom #healing #startover


Inspired by @happinezalarose