Why wonder when the answer is already there

We wonder around with many questions and don’t get the answers. At least we think we don’t get the answer.  We ask but when we do get the answer we don’t see it. Why? ...because when we ignore our  sensitivity we can not feel what is right or see the truth. We are led by fear and stories that we think is the truth.  When you learn to use your sensitivity you will soon find out that the answer was there al along.  Admitting that you see it and accept it plus take ownership of that, makes you able to see your patterns and those of others. Sensitivity makes us empathic and understanding of each other. It makes it easier to forgive.   Forgive yourself and others. If you combine that with self-love you let what happened in the past and take the lesson with you towards your future. Then you stop worrying about what the answer is going to be and focus on the answer that is already there.  If the answer is not there yet... it is because it’s just not the right timing. When it is the right timing it will find you.

Meanwhile focus on your blessings and those who already love you