Feet bath detox

Taking care of your body also means that you get rid of toxic acids in your body.  One way to do that is by taking a bath with sea salt ones in a while. If you don’t have a bath you could also do a foot bath.

With a foot bath you have to at least soak your feet for 25 minutes and the toxic acids of your body will be released trough the feet and end up in the water. All you have to do with is soak your feet, relax, listen to music, visualize or meditate, and in the meantime you get a natures best detox. You can do this easy at home and combine your own salts. Your Healing House makes it own mix of different types of sea salt and herbal tea to create the product TEA BOMB FOOT BATH. This tea bomb foot bath is  a little taste of the feet release massage that we will introduce next year. This massage starts with the tea bomb foot bath and ends with an detoxifying feet massage with reflexology.   

All the ingredients are natural and help with the detox process. I am considering  to sell the tea bomb foot bath as a loose product in my web-shop.  Would you buy it? And what do you think of the product name? How should I name the product? (Answer down below please