Keep stepping forward

Sometimes we feel stagnated and it feels like our feet can’t take a step forward anymore. Maybe it’s because you have been running instead  of taking it easy and just take a view steps in slow tempo. Walk instead off running. When you walk you will see more of your surroundings and you will see that life is also beautiful.  As you walk slow your hart starts beating in a slowly but steady way and that is beneficial for your health and stability. By just walking you get to live in the here and now, and finally you come in a meditative state of mind where you can start having a honest conversation with your higher self.  Then you can ask yourself what do I expect from myself when it comes to my norms and value..?

If we run too fast we don’t see the solutions to our problems but if we just walk, take it slow, we start to see the solutions to our problems. When the moment comes to run we will intuitive know that. But whatever you do don’t stop when you feel stuck with an idea that does not work, just walk slowly and build up your steps to go back on your track to the speed that aligns with your authentic self