Your eyes are the window of your soul

Your eyes are the windows of your soul.  Every eye is unique and is a map to your soul just like your fingerprint. It reflect who you are and in what state you are in. Eyes may look simple but if you look closely you will see much more spiritual depth and depth of color just like an abstract painting. The longer you look the more you will discover. It is outer worldly and easy to get lost in it or wonder off with your mind perspective.

They don’t call the eyes the galaxy for nothing. If your eyes are wondering, your feet will follow that. But if you pay attention to your feet by slowing down your steps, you might change you perspective of the way you see things. The eyes are the gateway to your mind and your feet is the gateway to your body. Your feet reflects what is going on inside of your body. It is like the mirror that reflects your psychical and emotional health. There are also  reflex points beneath your feet. By massaging these reflex points below your feet, you can experience pain release or get fresh energy. On top of that you get to discover where you are in life at the moment instead of wondering off in your mind. Creating a mindset that is not aligned with earthly reality. Your feet allows you to ground and get back on earth.  Change comes by taking actions steps on earth that is led by the mindset. When you find yourself stuck in  the wondering mindset a feet release massage will help you get back to life, back to reality.