Back to life... back to reality

 Ooooooooh  Monday...  

Sometimes Monday can be very hard because we have to go back to work. Get things done so we can get our tasks done instead of postponing them so we don’t have to to the tasks in our free time. I spend the last weekend working because off postponing my tasks and also because last week was a school vacation week.  Not only was I not able to do all of my work tasks but yesterday I did not to home tasks. Leaving me today with a messy house that I still have to do.  At the time I thought I will do those things later. Later is today! Somehow I have to get the power to do both today within a view hours. Postponing tasks is no joke and you will only get yourself with it. 

Monday gives you a reality check and then panic starts to come in... can I do it all today, will I be even more tired after this? Maybe I should focus more on time management and start planning in my tasks more realistic when it comes to time planning.  Let’s not forget the will power and courage to keep stepping forward. Sometimes the answer is way more easier than we think. I just have to follow my to do list and keep repeating my affirmation: I have the will power and energy to fulfill my tasks. 

How do you do it? Any advice?