Meditate wherever you can...

Meditation is having an conversation with your higher self and that is possible in any time and everywhere. It could just take five minutes of just breathing. In this picture I am sitting on a playground where my kid and friends are playing. Lots of noise but still I find a way to withdraw and meditate. If I want to  meditate for a longer time I find a peaceful place alone in natures surroundings an listen to the sounds of nature. Sometimes music can also do the trick. I often listen to reiki healing music on youtube and sometimes I find peace in music with beats, rhythms or just jazz.  Every person has his own style so meditation music is  whatever  sound that  works for you. It also depends on what mood you are in. Music it self has an own function besides dancing or background noise. The body also responds to music. Certain music can motivate during fitness, and some sounds can calm the heart.  For example the beats of reggae music has an calming effect on the heart.  I often listen to many different types of music and make my own playlists and divide which one is right for my meditation mood. By the way I do an active form of meditation because I can’t sit still unless I am in nature or in Yin Yoga class. The combination of my choice of music is divers and  it works for me. 

What is your meditation music? Please share your meditation music style in your instastory, link it to @yourhealinghouse so I can hear it.

Illustration card by @noellastraakenbroek