Remain centered

When you feel resistance, change is happening. Resistance is often a sign that you are ready to approach things differently. It comes with feeling uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to remain centered. Focus on how you want to feel and see how you can make those feelings possible. Positive thinking  will help help you to stay on track. Most time when you are in a resistance mode you are having a inner conflict with pain from the past and the courage to move beyond your fears of the past. Remaining centered  is staying true to yourself and you values plus accepting that life does not always goes the way you planned it, but you can always adapt you plans. The power of practicing what you preach  is that you will attract more what aligns with your authentic self. So choose your words carefully and focus on thoughts that align with what you preach. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself in this process. Things don’t always go so simple but keep on stepping forwards so you can allow yourself to receive.