Drink water reminder app

I always forget to drink water. I always preach that people should drink more water. Especially after a massage. When you get a massage acids and toxins get released from the body. But if you don’t drink enough water, acids and toxins  can not escape the from the body. 

Now........ I preach to drink more water, but I do not drink enough. Infect I don’t drink enough period! I have phases that I drink lots of tea but coffee is my addiction. I only drink water in the summer  when I am almost dehydrated. To drink water does not appeal to me and that is so bad and a lame excuse. I try to make drinking water more fun by mixing water with fruits or drops of essential oils. I also try to make drinking tea a ritual. But still I do not drink enough. The moment I start drinking more water, I started to loose weight immediately... And then ones again I fall back in skipping drinking water. I tried the app water-herinnering to remind me to drink water.  I tried it and my metabolism start to work better for a while. Now I gained all the weight back and my metabolism is so bad that even digesting food hurts. So I will start again. In English this app is called; drink water reminder.  Is there anybody who uses this app? If so please share your experience with it.