Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are usually used for increasing physical and psychotic complaints according by aromatherapists. Essential oils are distillations from plant extract. There are many ways to use these essential oils, one of them is during a massage. Essential oils are added to the massage by mixing it with the massage oil, creme, lotion, in a compress or with the raindrop technic. The oils improve your nervous system, the blood circulation and certain oils can help with pain relief. Perfect to combine with a massage. Especially the massage that I give that is based on acupressure massage.  Besides using the oils for massage you can inhale them by putting oils in a aroma diffuser,  internal use by making delicious fruit water or putting them in capsules. So there are many ways to use them and because there are so many types of oils  and brands, I am on the journey to discover which oil I will use from my massage treatments and workshops. There are so many brands in divers price range, but the big question I ask myself is; what will benefit Your Healing House and my customers the most? I do want to keep 100% natural oils  and fine aroma’s. At the moment I am using essential oils from the brand @Doterra. Maybe people with more experience with different types of oils can advise me on this one. SEND DM PLEASE. I want to give the best massages but it has to be affordable. Adding good 100% natural and good quality oils make my massage treatment more expensive then the average massage prices here in the Netherlands.  I already was introduced to @youngliving bylivingwith.oils @hollandandbarret_nl @fromsimplyearth. @groenelinde by@maudgeniet @geurwolkje