Normally I used to take a bath every Sunday. First I start with setting the vibe. A view candles, essential oils, music and sometimes I make a rose bath with fresh flowers and salt. Then I would relax and just meditate by just looking at the candle or close my eyes and feel the warm water. The more I would take a bath, the more I got to know my body by simply feeling what my body likes.  And then I start writing in my notebook.  After a while my skin started to look healthier, my back pain became less, and I knew exactly which oil or body creme my body would prefer.  Because after a bath I would massage myself. I simply took the time on a regular base to take care of my body and mind.  At my current home I do not have a bath so I cleans myself with a foot bath. I do it just like my bath ritual. The only thing is that I start with a shower and then take my foot bath and perform foot reflexology on myself. I rather would have a foot reflex massage done by somebody else because that experience is better.   Either way... If you want to get to know your body start with weekly cleansing rituals and you will be amazed how quick your notebook will fill up