Blending your own roller is fun

A while ago I gave a mini-workshop called: BLEND IT YOURSELF. With this workshop I explained a little bit about essential oils and demonstrated how to give yourself a hand massage with the help of your essential oil roller.  After the demonstration they made there own blend and went home with there own personal roller. They could choose there own essential oils, mini gemstones and herbal tea to create there own essential aroma roller. The beautiful thing was the enthusiasm that the workshop attendees had and the lovely aroma that they created for themself. What better way to have your own personalized roller and also be proud that you made it yourself! I got motivated by them and now I am working on a new version of the Blend It Yourself Workshop. We will do more then just make a roller.  This workshop will be given in January 2020. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates on this workshop by following my instagram page @yourhealinghouse or keep visiting my website www.yourhelinghouse.nl  (link in the bio) on a regular base. There will me more updates soon.