Your Body

We all under estimate our body. It is not just about the spiritual experience here on earth. Think of it in this way... In order for us to receive a spiritual experience we need our body to receive it and tp practice our spiritual believes, whatever that may be for you. Our body has it’s own healing capacity and if you give it time and the right nurturing it will heal itself. When take care of your body it prevents diseases. I am not against modern medicine, doctors, and hospitals because that is necessary when in need. The fact that the waiting list to get an appointment  is so long, that that many people suffer from pain in the meantime.  If we only would take better care of our body, we would not put ourself in the possession to suffer as much

Your body is the gateway to the state or your vitality. The body always tells the truth by giving signals trough symptoms.  It is very important to learn your own body language. You may wonder... how?  Simply trough getting a massage. Getting a massage can give incites of the state that your body is in and it also gives stress release, pain release and it activates you body’s healing capacity.  Massage was the first form of systematic medicine, they called it the touch medicine where they intuitively rub the area of pain. Modern medicine is based on this. If you want to learn more about the way massage influence your body, read Your Healing House blog, wait until the E-book comes out or follow  @yourhealinghouse on instagram.