You are on the right path

Message: Darling you are on the right path. When you feel at home in your own body you are at peace with your soul. You realize that  your journey is based on taking small steps that will lead you to realizing your life. Knowing this you will know you are whole. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t get your goals done in your the time planning that you had in mind. Things reveal in there own time. And if you are still insecure about the way you walk your path, look for signs. You will know that a sign is good if you are calm, feel encouraged, if your voice is a loving firm voice, if you are free from anxiety or fear.  This might seem hard to distinguish, but with practice you will be able to separate your truth and your chatter. Pay attention to to the synchronistic signs and symbols in your daily life darling.

Have a nice day.