It takes time

Just a view hours ago I went for a run with a running buddy. It was the first time since a very long time. I am so slow but that is okay. In this picture you see a person that trains every day and is a mother of not two, but three little children. She started slow and build it up and now see posed for this picture. The reason why I post this picture is because it will remind me of what I might be able to do if I keep working out. Things take time to build up over time and if you focus on what you want, eventually you will get there too.  Every time before summer starts I begin to adjust my eating patterns en exercise so I can be the way that I want to look. The timing of this does not work because that is the same effect a a crash diet. You won’t be able to keep it up and afterwords you will gain more weight. SO.... the conclusion is that I have to start earlier  to let my body adjust to this new way of living.  This way the chance of falling back in my old patter will become smaller. I keep in mind that my goal is not to lose weight, that is just a bonus, but It is about the mental strength that exercise and healthy food pattern can bring to your life. You get more energy, you skin looks better and your mindset will be positive when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Imagine getting a massage afterwords!!!!