Create your own living

Your home is a sacred space. A place were you can restore yourself and  is your living expresses who you are. This is a picture of my old home. The little home that I moved in after getting a divorce. It was so small but I still managed to make it my home. Our home! Because I lived there with my daughter. She loves pink and I love black and white with nature elements. The paintings I created during my own creative meditations during my first company. I had to empty out that old building and the paintings that I hanged up in my old work building served us well in our little home. Not only does creative meditation give your personal life’s journey power but it also empowered our home.  With a small budget we created our home with a luxury appearance. Now we have moved into a bigger home and I am still practicing creative meditation bye example  painting my kitchen cabinets black, putting on gold chrome doorknobs  and make my kitchen look almost brand new. And yes I still have that pink sofa bed! 

I decide to keep the creative meditation for myself because when I did organize a workshop to paint on glass, nobody enrolled for that. But don’t worry there will be different workshops and for your living I have cerated something new. More on this in 2020