Time for the next level?

Is it time for soul expansion? If you understand the connection between all things and what abundance means to you, you are ready to move beyond your obstacles. As long as you walk the path of universal love, acceptance, forgiveness, awareness, and direction. We are all connected and it does not matter what spiritual practice you do. All religion are based on taking care of others just like the way you take care of yourself. And when you are hurt you need to nurture yourself. Because just like Maya Angelou says; ‘hurt people hurt people’. Your thoughts and actions do not only create the waves of your own life but it also influences others. Especially if you have a company, or you are by nature an influencer. People strive to feel good and to be happy. Most company’s are driven by making money and not on making you happy. That is just a marketing strategy. Money brings economical stability but the way we get there is also important. What if we as entrepreneurs only think about receiving money, then we don’t think what a product or service might do to them on a psychic level. Would the economic be better and last longer if we would consider the psychic of the clients instead of just making money? Is’t that better for a long term company and long term economical plan. No entrepreneur or national economy would function on a long term base if people would not have psychic stability. And without a good economical function we humans would not be able to get the needs that our lives need. Is’t it time the work more soulfully and focus on earning money at the same time? If you do that, do you believe that you would be supported? Like if you think so ❤️