Second chances

Sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices to be able to work out your vision.  The sacrifice that I have to make is giving up my free time to study extra. Do extra research and practice my massage skills. Or to give up buying for example new clothes, and  use my money carefully to pay education that benefits my vision.  I am a single mother that can not travel every day or week for a view hours to get to the education program that I need for my vision. I have to consider the needs of my child too and find a creative way to make my vision. I am grateful for the good study counselors that consider to give up there free weekend to educate people. I happen to find an organization that does that in my area. I will be starting the right study so that means that I will be doing overtime and taking  lessons Friday night and in the weekend. It is indeed just like the movie ‘Night School’: I am getting a second chance and I really appreciate that. Sometimes when a door closes, new doors open that are even better. I struggled  a lot with getting things done and maybe that  was just sign that it wasn’t the right way. Now I understand and I did close the door myself, voluntarily. By closing this door I kept in mind, with faith and courage, that new doors will open.   New opportunity’s will come in because I decide to let them in by opening new doors. The conclusion of this story is... never settle for things that doesn’t align with your vision. You can always start over.  Your life’s essence will tell you when to do so, plus you have to trust that you are guided and always will be guided. O Ja... don’t forget to practice gratitude