Remember the good and the bad, then decide who you want to be.

I remember the good things that were buried beneath a thousand layers of the bad side of me. It had created a void that I call the unknown. This unknown feeling ruled my life.  I felt so many things but could not describe what those feelings meant. But I did reacted to them trough my actions. Actions that were good but also bad. It had a lot of impact on the way I reacted to certain life experiences. I just put every experience in a pink cloud and decided that the world only just existed out beauty and covert the pain up with humor.  The rest I suppressed and hold it in. I thought if I only practice positive thinking... everything will be just fine. Positive thinking is good but is not always the solution when you are in a healing process. Healing means that you have to remember the bad stuff that happened, because bad things also create habits. These bad habits can only be transformed into productive habits if you remember them yourself otherwise you keep being stuck. People can tell you what happened, but if you don’t remember them yourself you always fall back in your old habits. If you can not remember the cause of it all, it creates a black whole with lots of insecurity’s. When that black whole gets bigger you even bury the beautiful experiences in life. Leaving you to be out of balance with yourself and also un-balanced with the way you communicated with others. As I got to know more about the theory behind how massages work, I learn the importance of the  yin yang energy. Yin en Yang is a crucial  when you as a masseuse what to tread a person or general in life.  Everything has an Yin and  a Yang energy,  a female energy and a manly energy.  The two energy’s keep each other in balance, and when they are not in balance we as human don’t function well.  When you as a person don’t function well you won’t be able to receive the blessings or give a blessing.  

With massage you balance out the life force energy that is called Chi. You do this by outbalancing the Yin and Yang energy combined with nature’s five elements all with the help of your touch that you give with your hands. Your life’s energy will get balanced out and you will experience calmness. This calmness makes sure that your brain does not have to overthink.  Instead of always being in your mind, because that is what we are in this society, your body get’s a chance to show what is going on with you. It will tell you your story trough signals. Remember the body never lies. When you give your body time, you finally get to start feeling the real you and discover the real you. Most of the time we only think and do not feel, and what we feel we suppress. These suppressed feelings get stuck in the body and will outbalance you by blocking the healing process. Massage may not be the solution to curing a medical disease but it does help prevent diseases and helps with the healing process of the diseases. 

That’s why I choose to become a masseuse. Not only  does giving a massage help me personally, but It helps others to get to feel there feelings instead of overthinking with the mind. It give there body the time to activate the healing process of the body that we all have within us.  I learned to accept that  everything and everybody has a negative and positive side. That is just part of life. You learn that if you are hanging too much in your negative female energy you become too submissive and loose your value of self-worth. Then you will let every word or vision that people have for you become bigger then your own words and visions. When you have too much positive manly energy, your ego becomes too big and you will become narcissistic and start to overrule everything and everybody. Both create unrealistic ways of living and the actions of that causes more damage.  That does not mean we have to dismiss it because that also creates a black whole in your memory that blocks you. In order for you to un-block yourself you have to get to know how you are as an out-balanced person on both yin and yang sides, manage your yin yang balance so you can discover who you are if you are balanced. `THEN DECIDE WHO YOU WANT TO BE’, and practice to stay in balance. 

Remember you can always start over and when you are out of balance it is a sign that you are experiencing a life lesson